Links to other very special sites:

Though I don’t want to lose you I do hope I can point you in the right direction to find other interesting, perhaps even fascinating web sites. And, to be fair, I would like to return the favour to web sites that have been kind enough to point the way to me!

Rosalind Duffy |

A stained and fused glass artist as well as a Pastellist, I have taken commissions in stained glass for 15 years. . . visit to read!

Hippy of Doom |
 Hippy of Doom's Shop - Hand Painted Shoes and Art - an artist well worth looking at.

NUK Handmade Online Magazine | ukhandmade
 Once there type in Pat Bullen-Whatling in the search box. It’s a good place to start reading!

Visit Llandeilo |
 Visit Llandeilo website. The site has been developed to enhance your visit to our busy market town.

400 Smiles A Day |

Walk alongside a man you will never tire of listening to - it’s like a ramble through the West Wales countryside - lovely!