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For when you know your friends well enough …

to let them do their own thing.

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Name of the recipient: Email address of the recipient: Message:
Name of the recipient: Email address of the recipient: Message:
Name of the recipient: Email address of the recipient: Message:
Name of the recipient: Email address of the recipient: Message:
Name of the recipient: Email address of the recipient: Message:


For you there


Says I remembered


Says I care


For that special event


Says I’m glad you’re there



5 Quick Entry Order Forms


But At The Bottom

Of The Page You

Can Enter Any



Five ‘quick entry’ Gift Vouchers are shown above, however you’ll see there is also a sixth order form where you can enter any amount - including pence, such as 11.43 or 123.45 but please note you MUST NOT enter the £ sign in the value box or the form will not work.

Use the ‘Message Box’ on each order form to 1). Provide me with extra information and 2). Write your personal message for me to send in my email to the recipient of your gift. You can enter your own email and tell me - then you can pass the Voucher Number on to your loved one. *Be careful with it though, it’s like cash and if someone else sees the number and uses it it is Officially Used - and it can only be used Once!

The other thing to bear in mind - I’m not able to monitor ‘part-spends’ on gift vouchers so the system’s been set up to protect you against loss in that the total purchase price at checkout must, at least, equal the total value of the gift voucher being used. For example: If you’ve purchased a £50 gift voucher for a friend and your friend’s order at checkout (including carriage, if applicable) only comes to £49 the checkout system will not allow your friend to continue and lose the extra £1. The easy way around this particular example would be for your friend to purchase another low cost item.

In practice this is a simple and obvious procedure.

Gift vouchers remain valid and ‘live’ without a time limit.

After the Gift Voucher(s) have been purchased I will email the named recipient the confirmation together with your message (if any) plus the voucher reference numbers to enable easy entry in the box in the bottom half of the ‘Shopping Cart’ screen. Please provide accurate details as otherwise this part of the process could be delayed - and no one wants their present delayed!

This is a really safe, secure, 100% guaranteed and simple to use system, and giving a Gift Voucher towards art; Originals / Special Commissions (great for those ‘special events’ like marriages, retirements, moving to a new home etc) as well as Super High Quality Fine-Art Prints or even Greetings Cards is just that bit more unusual and meaningful than … um, socks again.

Though my Special Commissions are not normally quoted for on this gallery website the Gift Vouchers can easily be used to purchase them. Simply contact me for assistance.

I love art (not surprisingly) and I delight in talking to other art lovers and trying to capture their dreams and think of them hanging on their walls for years and decades, perhaps even lifetimes to come.

Pat - Patricia Bullen-Whatling BA Fine Art (Hons)


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contemporary and fine art


PLEASE DO NOT put in the £ sign - Example - enter as 153.75 NOT £153.75


enter £ sign

Value of Voucher required - DON'T include £ sign: Recipient's name: Recipient's email: Message: