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I'd like updates about your work, PatSpeedwell Meadow-01

- Speedwell Meadow-01 -

Original Artwork Details:

Acrylic painting on stretched box canvas – can be framed but ready to hang as it is. 90 cm × 60 cm × 4 cm (unframed). Approx. 36” x 24” x 1.5”

Speedwell Meadow-01

So maybe now’s the time to consider what a professional artist can do for you. I'm confident that I can add more value, more emotion than you even dare hope for, after all, that’s what I do!

Now, when you first contact me it can seem strange but at that stage it might be simply to explore what’s possible (I won't pressure you to make a decision, that's not how I work). We can approach your room's problem together, and your desire, and “a problem shared can be a problem solved.”

So if you have some time, even if you don’t have a clear idea to begin with, commissioning a work is definitely one way to go. I spend a large proportion of my time creating art as commissioned pieces and I adore the challenge of capturing my client's ephemeral dream and then watching as she or he opens their eyes to it for that very first time.

Stallion Mare and Foal-01

- Stallion Mare and Foal-01 -

Acrylic painting on stretched box canvas – can be framed but ready to hang as it is.

Approx. 27.5”× 23.5”×1.6”

Stallion Mare and Foal-01

- Achieving The Vision -

- Purchasing On Commission -

Do you feel your newly modelled room still lacks the “WOW!” you truly thought it would have when it was finished?

Okay, so it looks nice, smart, sharp even … but it feels like there's just no emotion in there ... no drama, nothing that squeezes your heart whenever you enter.

- Buy it now! -

One off original with 30 days money back guarantee *T&Cs apply.

- Buy it now! -

One off original with 30 days money back guarantee *T&Cs apply.

- From My Wall ... To Yours -

- Ready To Hang -

But what if you don't have the time it takes for me to create something especially for you?

Well, there’s no need to despair!

I have a fabulous range of achingly beautiful, genuinely breathtaking ‘already painted’ works in an array of subjects and a range of sizes so there should always be something that speaks to you, and if it does you should listen as it always will!

These are paintings I’ve painted for myself; unless I’m working on a commission I’m not painting to sell, I’m always painting for myself. I always push the boundaries - scare myself - as that’s the only way to reach deeper into my art in the search for beauty and meaningfulness.

Fireweed Meadow Diptych-01

- Fireweed Meadow Diptych-01 -

Original Artwork Details:

Acrylic painting on stretched box canvas – can be framed but ready to hang as it is. 90 × 59.5 × 4 cm (unframed). Approx. 36” x 24” x 1.5”.

Fireweed Meadow Diptych-01

- Buy it now! -

This one off original is available now …

with 30 days money back guarantee *terms & conditions apply.

- There are more art pieces to show here - please come back -

I work hard, often painting from before 9:00am to gone midnight and my output is prodigious. My work sells, frequently before I even have time to display it on my websites, Facebook etc. so the best way to stay abreast of my latest work is to click on the long green button directly above. I won’t swamp you with emails, that’s a promise, and I won’t sell or rent them to anyone either.

You can approach me about a commission on any subject, if you’re not happy with my approach you can tell me, if I’m not happy that your proposal is right for me I’ll tell you honestly.

I’ve posted one of my sketches below but intend to change this page often. If anything interests you; a commission, an already painted work, fine-art prints or my artist created greetings cards just let me know (or click to purchase on any of my Gallery pages - or those paintings above). Do remember though that an original is an original - when it’s gone it’s really gone. Of course, I am normally willing to recommission but though it might be better it will never be identical.

Kindest regards,      Pat (Patricia) Bullen-Whatling BA Fine Art (Hons)

Contact Me Here

Buddy the Spaniel-001

Get all the latest updates about my newest works, before someone else does!

So much of my original art sells before I ever have chance to put it up onto my online gallery (this one) and one reason is that my newsletter readers see it, and often purchase it, before anyone else knows it’s there!

Take your place amongst the elite collectors and sign up today . . . Pat

I'd like updates about your work, Pat LP-12-PBWGallery-Wow LP-12-PBWGallery-Wow