contemporary and fine art

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Gallery Choices For Artworks:

Take a look through the Eclectic Gallery it’s a great way to get a quick feel for my work. The six galleries that follow it are explained by their titles and contain specialised subsets. Each individual artwork page provides a clickable image of the original work, some popular sizes of fine-art prints (others are normally available) and any greetings cards based on that work.

Eclectic-01 Textured Work-01 Black & White Paintings-01 Paintings-01 Pen & Ink-01

The eclectic gallery

Textured Work


Black & White Paintings

Pen & Ink Street Scenes

Digital & Photographic

Specialist Galleries below

Digital & Photographic Pencil Sketches

Pencil Sketches

FREE Download - “Cariad – An Encyclopedia of My Life : My Art”

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FREE Download - “Cariad – An Encyclopedia of My Life : My Art”

‘Cariad’ : a Welsh word for what drives me . . . and this FREE-To-Download 106 page art book explains what tragedies destroyed my life as a smallholder, how I became a self-taught then post-graduate artist, and exactly why I paint the subjects I do. With in excess of 300 illustrations it’s a fabulous, unforgettable journey and you can download it now!

This book, of how life changed Me, will change the way You think about my art and maybe even the way you think about art (and life) in general!

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