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Pat Bullen-Whatling BA (Hons) Fine Art


Just one introduction can entitle you to a lifetime of unlimited commissions.

Place a link to my website on your blog, newsletter or own website and openly tell people who see it what happens when they click on it (see the example image at the foot of this page). Then, each time someone buys something through your link I pay you a commission of 10% - and your link lasts for a minimum of 18 months *. It costs You nothing and you’re not ‘signed up’ for anything - you can stop by simply removing my link from your web page etc. so You stay in control. It costs the people you care about nothing either. They pay my normal prices - nothing more, ever. I am the only one who pays for the scheme but artists are used to paying commissions - it’s a Thank You for you to use how you wish. * if a person ever clicks through to my website again using your link your 18 months ‘period’ starts again!

Let me give you an example. When you apply to join my loyalty scheme, using the first button below, I check out what you represent, as far as I can, to make sure I’m comfortable doing business with you. I don’t take on representation from, for instance, people, groups or businesses that seem to me to promote racial or sexual abuse, religious intolerance or any form of cruelty to humans or animals. If your website appears to be doing any of these things I will politely turn your application down or, indeed, terminate it if it’s already running.

I’ve never had to do that yet though.

How to apply to join my Loyalty / Affiliate Scheme:

Just fill out the extremely simple ‘Join Form’ by using this button:

Affiliate’s Admin Area - accessible after sign-up:

Each affiliate has their own unique ‘Admin Area’ where you can update your personal details, pick up the image* or link* you wish to use to link to my website, & view your statistics. Once you have your password details (from clicking on the button above) you can login using this next button:

Payments. I will review commissions due to you on a monthly basis. Two things are important to bear in mind.

  1. I normally offer my clients (who might well have come via the link on your website) an absolutely no quibble money back guarantee on artwork purchased so I cannot pay you your commission until this guarantee period is past, obviously.
  2. Like most people running an Affiliate Scheme I normally only pay out when the commission due passes a certain level. Currently this is £25.00 - so, if at the payment time your commission amounts to less than this the balance will be carried over until such time as it reaches or exceeds this minimum figure. Then it will be paid out, in full, after the next calculation period. This, however, is not written in stone.

Currently I only make payments in the form of a cheque (‘check’ in the USA) but I might change this at any time without notice and offer a variety of payment methods.



 I am constantly updating the available images so if you don’t see an image there you like please contact me and I’ll supply something that represents my work that’s more to your liking. You can, if you wish, simply publish a link you download from the Affiliate’s area and use that instead. The more visible a link or image is, however, the more income it’s likely to generate for you. Let your clients choose if I can help them and everyone can be happy.

Contact Me

Currency commissions paid in:

Sterling (GBP - £) only.

Rate of commission paid:

Currently a full 10% against the final amount paid by an introduced client for the products themselves (so not postage etc.).

* Please note: this can change, up or down, at any time without notice, although there is currently no intention to do so.

** Types of sales attracting commission:

  1. Original artworks; paintings, pen & ink sketches etc.
  2. Fine-art prints, limited edition prints, canvas prints etc..
  3. Greetings cards and other small items.
  4. Commissions undertaken, where I can identify the introducing Affiliate - which I normally can.

It's possible that original artworks might sell for hundreds or even thousands of pounds each so your 10% Affiliate commission on these could be very substantial indeed.

Length of time commission is paid from first introduction (but each time someone clicks on your Affiliate link to my gallery their 18 month period restarts for you - so you can earn commission for a long, long time - and the majority of my clients buy from me multiple times):

I currently pay commission for an exceptionally long one-and-a-half years from the time of introduction (550 days) which is about three times the length of the international average. And you can easily extend this period, indefinitely, by reminding your visitors to refresh their link to you by occasionally clicking through my link on your website or newsletter again.

* Please note: if your web visitor subsequently clicks through to my site via another of my affiliate's links their 'affiliation' will switch and commissions will be recorded for the new Affiliate. I cannot control this but it's really extremely unlikely to happen.

Helping yourself, your own visitors and me, all at the same time - the three way partnership:

* If you are an animal charity of some kind you are in a very good position as much of my work is based on animal and wildflower meadow paintings - though if you browse my website you'll see much else besides.

Suggest your client might like a portrait of an animal they've adopted and if they like the idea they get an imaged they will cherish forever, I get a new collector and you get a very happy adopter and 10% on that purchase - and, potentially, all their future purchases.

It is, honestly, a win, win, win scenario.

To activate the revenue stream this affiliate system represents you have, of course, to put links to my website on yours. You can tuck these images or text links away in some 'dusty corner' but it's simply not going to get any traffic there and subsequently earn you any revenue.

To really make the best of the system I'd advise putting the link in as prominent and visible a location as you possibly can, your own Home Page is normally recommended. That way your visitors instantly see it and it begins to earn.

I offer a range of different (and different sized) images for you to place on your site pages, as well as text links.    In my experience the largest, brightest images placed in the most prominent positions regularly out-perform simple text links.

Your own added recommendation and comments about my site and work will add a great deal of interest and likelihood of the link being used so do feel free to visit my site often, sign up for my monthly newsletter and contact me anytime about absolutely anything. This scheme works best as a long-term three way partnership based on trust, delivering a growing revenue stream and providing great service and respect to all involved.

I've rarely had a problem with an order and never one I couldn't resolve with 100% satisfaction to my customer.

To withdraw from the scheme you only need to remove my links from your page, and it's done.


A typical image and text link similar to ones you can place on your web page - if you click the image (right) you can view examples of linking ‘adverts’ but don’t download them there - get them through the two buttons above - the images via those will work - these won’t!

PS this image is one that could be used for a dogs’ trust / dog rescue / dog re-homing centre but I can create designs to merge both our requirements.

Visit the Pat Bullen-Whatling Gallery for Contemporary and Fine Art, click here.

I hope this is all clear and useful but if not please don’t hesitate to come back to me and I’ll be delighted to help all I can and, if you do sign up, I’d like to wish you a great success in our partnership and I promise to look after both you and the people you care about - as they will be people I care about too.

With my kindest regards, Pat

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