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My Life - My Art:

Since 1981 I’ve lived & worked as a professional artist in Llandeilo, West Wales & successfully completed, my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art (with Honours) at Trinity University College, Carmarthen between 2006 to 2009 and I now exhibit regularly & sell my work worldwide.


I’ve worked on commission for the National Trust, for individuals & businesses too & I’d be absolutely delighted if I can work with you to create that one piece you've always wanted.

Commissions normally go something like this.

You contact me to discuss your desire &, after we’ve talked, I give you an idea of price & then, with your permission, go on to produce preliminary sketches, just to be absolutely certain we’re on the same page.

Then, if you’re happy, I take a deposit & when I’m part way through I’ll update you with images to show you how the piece is progressing.

At that point I take the remainder of the fee  . . . and you get really excited!

My Life - My Love:

When my husband, Richard, and I (in our mid-twenties) abandoned our careers in finance we, quite without any experience of farming or building work, bought a 500 year old smallholding and began to renovate it.

Though neither of us had ever changed a tap washer before we now found ourselves designing and then installing our own wood-burning central heating system - as well as a great many other terrifying things!

Then came the livestock.

We worked the 6½ acres we owned - and the 3½ we rented - growing food of all kinds for the table and making a living by opening our fine, thick-walled, stone-built home to (mostly) families with children who wanted to experience something of the life that had been so commonplace a hundred and more years ago but which, for the majority, is now a rare and exotic thing.

Clearly, we both loved the green fields, the woods and the wonderful (usually amicable) livestock that we worked and walked amongst but ‘living the dream’ as it turned out was both far more arduous and unrelenting than we had ever expected - indeed if we’d ever dreamed it could be so hard neither of us would have had the courage to go ahead and take the leap we did. So, thank goodness we didn’t know, for the life was, in a single word, wonderful.

And that is part of why I so love the flower filled meadows, the tiny lichens and the great and powerful farm animals I paint. Though tragedy stuck and we lost that way of life it still lives on in our hearts.

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‘Cariad’ : a Welsh word for what drives me . . . and this FREE-To-Download 106 page art book explains what tragedies destroyed my life as a smallholder, how I became a self-taught then post-graduate artist, and exactly why I paint the subjects I do. With in excess of 300 illustrations it’s a fabulous, unforgettable journey and you can download it now!

This book, of how life changed Me, will change the way You think about my art and maybe even the way you think about art (and life) in general!

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